My first deployment was in Urs Camp held near Lal quila/Jama Masjid. In this Camp, lakha nd lakhs of muslim pilgrims come enroute to Ajmer Sharif and later Mucca Madina. Due to lack of education and proper sanitation, there was great problem of food related diseases besides fatique and exhaustion of long journey.

While managing the First-Aid Post, we rendered full assistance to the Delhi Government authorities who always faced manpower shortage. At this time, my training at the Hands of my Guru and Mentor Late Sh. M.R.Pal and Ms.Shanta Grover, proved to be great help.

In 1982, ASIAD-82 was a big experience when I remained on duty in various Stadiums and out side First-Aid Camps and was able to gain practical experience. I participated in All India Competitions in the year 1983 and turned victorious with Nursing Team of Delhi. In 1984-85, I attended First-Aid and Home Nursing Lecturers Course and qualified both to become a trained Lecturer in both the subjects. Eversince, I became Lecturer in F.A. and H.N., it has been my effort to render training to as many people as possible and also to raise additional F.A. and H.N. Units in Delhi.

I want to quote a heart touching practical experience of mine. One day, while I was purchasing my house holds in the Karampura market, I saw an old lady who had clutched her chest and was profusely sweating despite quite cold weather. From my experience and training I could see that it can be a heart problem case. I immediately arranged a conveyance and transported her to the nearest doctor’s clinic in Punjabi Bagh. While transporting, I made her sit with with both knees clamped to chest with head down and asked her to hold her knees with her hands and try to take long breaths. I also asked her if she is a heart patient and taking some medicine to which she said ‘No’. The doctors described it to be a case of mild heart attack and praised my action. I can’t explain my sense of satisfaction and over-whelm at that point of time and felt proud of my Association with St. John and the training I received.

Similarly, I came across a care when in rains, some children were playing in the street. Somehow, one of them came in contact with a live electric pole/wire. I immediately used my training and disengaged the child with the help of a dry wooden pole, moved him to safely and rendered mouth to mouth respiration to which he responded favourably. When he was somewhat stable, I moved him to Aacharya Bhikshu Hospital in Moti Nagar where he was treated and then a precious life could be saved. I feel highly satisfied and motivated with my association with St.John.

Vijay Laxmi

Corps Commander,
Lecturer F.A. and H.Nursing.