During my stinct with St. John, I have faced number of incidents involving risk of life. Once I was moving in a bus when a motor cyclist was hit by a car. The bike-rider hit the road and had a
Head injury with profuse bleeding. I immediately took charge of the situation and acted as trained by my seniors. I persuaded the crowd to move away and bandaged the victim’s head by seeking a Dupatta from a girl. I took the victim to the Hospital and he had to be operated upon. I remained with him till he recovered and his condition was declared safe. At the age of 70 years, I don’t remember everything but I still remember the flood in Yamuna when I was on duty of St. John in Trans-yamuna flood hit areas.

Wee jointly saved number of lives. Similarly, on 26.01.2000, we faced a live situation when I was on duty and escorting one VIP in our Ambulance. Suddenly, there was a high intensity Earth quake and the Ambulance started shaking vigorously. I asked the driver of ambulance to move to a safer place and started tackling the crowd, which had gathered to witness the R.D.Parade. Later, I was told that there was a Earth Quake with its epicenter in Bhuj (Gujarat). I was also part of the Team which went to Bhuj, Gujarat to assist the rescue and rehabilitation work. We experienced still more tremors in night while in Gujarat but we maintained calm and rendered full assistance to Red Cross Federation Team where we remained for four months under vigorous situation. I came back to Delhi and joined duty after only two days rest.


In the year 2008-09. I faced a situation when one elderly person collapsed near Katra Neel in Chandni Chowk. He was seeking for air vigorously and had profuse sweating. From the training obtained from my seniors, I recognized this to be case of possible heart-attack. The victim was moved to a side, made crowd to move aside, checked respiration and circulation and provided him CPR. CATS Ambulance was summoned at 1099 and the patient moved to hospital. I came to know later that he survived the attack and the Doctors who attended on him praised
for timely and proper help.

Similarly, there had been so many incidents which I do not remember. My sole aim is to work for the victims in any situation and put my training to practice. I feel proud to be associated with the Delhi Unit of St. John Ambulance Brigade and shall remain to till my end.

Shiv Nath Solanki