Background of the Organisation
The National Council of St. John Ambulance (India) has overall control of all its activities of both “Association Wing” and “Brigade Wing”. This control is exercised in conformity with the Memorandum of Association and its Rules & Regulations.

Jurisdiction / Boundaries
The jurisdiction of the National Council extends to all parts of the Republic of India.

i) To encourage and promote the work of St. John Ambulance (India) with both the “Association Wing” and “Brigade Wing” in all its aspects.

ii) To strive, encourage and promote all kinds of relief and charity for the mitigation of sufferings, sickness, distress and danger of people irrespect of any caste, creed, colour or political affiliations.

iii) To render assistance to sick, wounded, disabled, Elderly or suffering and promote such structure as may be available in any emergent, catastrophic or disaster situation.

iv) To create a trained voluntary force available to work willingly in peace, war, disaster, shoulder to shoulder with regular cadres of Army, Police and civil administration.

The Association Wing and Brigade Wing of St. John Ambulance (India), being philanthropic and voluntary Institution, having its roots in the medieval order, in conformity with the Statues of the Order of St. John, strives to create a trained voluntary Force, spread over to all nooks and corners of the country. We strive to achieve the primary object of Emergency First aid and Home Nursing Education, so as to reach at least 50% of the population (rural and urban) by the year 2050. Also to own pursuing the onerous task of mass enlightenment on number of social issues/evils in close co-operation with the State/Union of India.

We have inculcated the motto of “Each one Teach one” so as to reach as many people as possible.
Objects To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects or all of them as under: –

a) To appoint representative to attend any meetings or serve in any committed matter in which the National Council is interested.

b) To raise or help in raising funds to enable the National Council to fulfill its commitments of both Association Wing and Brigade Wing.

c) To support and assist the State, Union Territory, District, Sub-district and other Equivalent Councils as shall be established.

d) To promote, encourage, affiliate and coordinate in India or abroad, contacts between the National Council and other similar Voluntary or statutory organizations or Indian Red Cross Society.

e) The instruction of members of public, Men, women, boys and girls, in the principles and practice of First Aid, Home Nursing, Hygiene, Sanitation, Child welfare and other allied cognate or ancillary subjects.

f) The preparation, publication and distribution of text books and other teaching aids to facilitate such instruction and the organization of examinations and tests by sale or otherwise for the purpose of issuing certificates of proficiency or presentation of ambulance material in mines, factories and other centres of industries and traffic in such subjects.

g) The organization, training Camps, competitions and equipment of men, women and young persons to undertake on a voluntary basis either as individuals or organized groups, First Aid, Home Nursing, Hygiene, Sanitation and allied activities at public places, hospitals, homes, places of work, calamities, disasters or elsewhere as occasions may require for the relief, transport, comfort or welfare of those in need.

h) To train and maintain body of men, women and young persons thoroughly efficient in First Aid, Home Nursing Care and Auxiliary Patient care and other para-medical subjects for rendering assistance in emergencies and large congregations to Central, State, District or local govt. departments or to the Armed Forces, Medical Services in times of peace and War and its auxiliary in the field covered by the Geneva Conventions.

i) To receive and accept donations, endowments, gifts of money, lands, hereditaments, houses, buildings, stocks, shares and other properties, moveable or immovable, real or personal of whatsoever and wherever.

j) To maintain fraternal association, coordination with the International St. John Ambulance / Order of St.John Ambulance and their governing bodies elsewhere.

k) To promote all sorts of Research work for the development and promotions of all means of rendering assistance to sufferings or distress of Mankind.

l) To endeavor to eliminate various social evils by effective Education and Rehabilitation.

m) We strive to create confidence in general masses by due education and sensitization.