Sometimes things happen in such a way that these cast a lasting impact on one’s life.  One such thing happened in my life also in the year 1971 when I was a student of an evening college in trans-Yamuna Area and there arose conflict between India and Pakistan.  State of emergency was declared and the whole civil administration became active.  The warden services and other such bodies also became active.  Being a leading student of NSS I was invited to take charge of the First Aid Casualty services.  During short stint of one and half month I was able to raise a sizeable trained volunteer force for an institution known as St. John Ambulance Brigade, Delhi.  This was how I was introduced to the Brigade.

In the later years I was impressed with the working of the Institution and its aims and objectives, its voluntary character wholly devoted to the poor and needy.  I became more and more involved with St. John Ambulance and in subsequent days acquired expert training and rose to the current status of a Dy. Commissioner and a senior lecturer in First Aid and Home Nursing alongside my whole time job with Delhi Government. 

During my association with St. John I had the chance to witness various challenging situations like 1984 Riots, Asian Games of 1982, Common-wealth Games, floods and large scale political and social events calling for large-scale gathering of common people.  Besides, I had occasion to regularly take part in national events like Republic Day Parade and Independence Day celebration.

My satisfaction reached highest level every time I became instrumental in saving a precious life by timely intervention and using the knowledge and training as a member of the St. John Ambulance Brigade.

I also got international exposure when I was asked by National Headquarters to lead a interstate group of brigade members to Common Wealth Cadet Camp in Malaysia and had an exposure visit to Japan.  Besides above I got numerous occasions to meet various ranks and file in paramilitary organizations, MNCs and Industrial Units of repute when I was able to spread the message of First Aid and Safety.

At this age of 70+ I still cherish my association with this esteemed organization and wish to have a never ending relationship.