Donation of two Motor Bikes and two Ambulances to Delhi Brigade
Two Ambulances and two Motor Bikes were received in Donation from CSR department of M/s Honda and One BLS Ambulance from SBI Marketing, New Delhi. With the benign donation of M/s Honda, two Motor Bike ART ambulances and one “Patient Transport Ambulance” was received and one “Basic Life Support” Ambulance was received from SBI Marketing, New Delhi. During the year, these ambulances and Motor Bikes were utilized for emergencies at Inter State Bus Terminal First Aid Posts, large gatherings and celebrations of different communities etc. Besides on other events, these Ambulances were put on event duty i.e. for transport of serious casualties to hospitals. Some of such events are given as under: –

i) At Kawar Seva, medical camps set up during July, 2017 when Brigade provided medical cover in West Delhi from 10-21 July, 2017 on Ring Road at four places in Shahdara Distt. at Chinta Mani Chowk and Shyam Lal College, in East Delhi at Maujpur Chowk, 66 foota Road and Dharampura.

ii) During Independence Day celebrations in August, 2017 in Chhatrasal Stadium of Govt. of Delhi   Two Motor Bikes and Honda Ambulance where Brigade sets up four first aid posts.

iii) At FIFA-U17 World Cup held at Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium from 6-16 Oct., 2017 when Brigade set up 8 Medical Posts with Honda PT Ambulance and other ambulance.

iv) During Ram Lila at Red Fort where 6 big Ram Lila Committees hold their celebration for 10 days.

v) On 17th December, 2017, on the occasion of “Run for Ladli”, when the Brigade set up 4 First Aid Posts and provided 10 Mobile Posts with Ambulances.

vi) During 63rd National School Games, these ambulances and Motor Bikes were deputed from 2-9 Jan., 2018 at Competition sites and 10 first aid posts were set up and ambulances deputed.

vii) During Republic Day – 2018, Beating Retreat, Martyr Day – First Aid Posts where Brigade set up 50 First aid posts on the route of Parade and connected events sites.